Enniscorthy, Co .Wexford

Our Showrooms at 109 Nth Main Street,
Wexford.(beside Whites Hotel)

We are a very real company in a very real showrooms in a very real wexford street, we are not a website claiming to be in wexford but in fact in another county or country,

The Darcy family name 

is famous for blinds, 

The Darcys have been making blinds in Ireland for three Generations now.  

Keeping with tradition I have branched out to wexford with a vast backup and knowledge of the window blind business.


With the luxury of great trade relations my aim is to bring options  and top quality blinds to wexford at great prices.

 Tadhg at 5 years old 

Tadhg , Pictured here on delivery of the new vans, back in the day.

A little about myself

My fondest memories are of hanging 
around the network of workshops that were all conected into one to form a factory.
It was a wonderland to me. 
I loved exploring and spent most of my time either putting somthing together or to my fathers horror taking it apart.  
I always loved the machines and the vans.

But best of all, getting to hangout with my Grandfather, my Father and my Uncle Stephen 
in the workshops, 
That was the best thing ever for me,
I was more than likely tormenting them, 
but they knew it was how they 
had started too,  many years before.

I am Pictured above on the delivery of one of the new vans of the time, 
Looking very cool in my workwear.

All my Summer holidays went working in the business and I loved every bit of it.
I fondly remember at 14 years of age in a customers house, my Father handing me the drill and saying 
"Your well able Champ, you can fit this house.
At 17 I left for College to Study law.
 I missed the business so much, 
It was in my blood,
the only thing I wished to do.

I finished the Law degree and after graduation went straight into the business.

I am Very proud to Own what I think Is Irelands Best Window Blind Company,

Tadhg Darcy Blinds.
Tadhg Darcy.

 The Future at Tadhg Darcy Blinds 

is not to forget the past, 

to protect the good name we have 

in the industry,

Our number one focus is providing window blind  services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & we will do everything we can to meet our customers expectations.

Our Ethos.

  family business is very different,

Everybody is responsible and has a duty to protect the good name.

Its a unspoken rule , a pride in the name.

Our number one rule 

A rule Thats been Handed down, 

the backbone to this company and it's simple,

"everybody must be happy with a deal"

That means, Our suppliers must be happy,

We must be happy ,

But most importantly 

our Customers must be 

happy with the deal..

You will be Safe with Us.

You will be safe, 

safe in the knowledge 

we are offering you 

the best prices on the east-coast,

the best quality available,

the best service promise,

the best after sales.