Enniscorthy, Co .Wexford

Our Gallery.

Below is a gallery of blinds that we Supplied and Fitted,

Also some photos of our showrooms.

See the different applications and note the quality of our finishing.

Check Back , as we update regular. 

Our Finishing is second to none.


Our New Bespoke Range

Bespoke. The term "bespoke" comes from England where it originally referred to custom or tailor-made .    ... Another area where bespoke is used is in the Furniture industry.  A bespoke piece of furniture or kitchen , window fashions,  it is custom-built/made, often from scratch, to suit the needs of a home owner, business or organization.
We designe bespoke blinds with you.

The First samples of our Bespoke Range 

have started to appear in our showrooms.

We want to offer options to our customers that are 

looking for that something different.

What we didn't want for our bespoke range was an over priced expensive range, 

So we put our heads together and we managed to eventually come up with a low cost mix and match set of options that work so well together.

Fabrics that blend together, colour suites, matching weaves.

It took a long time, but it worked.



Options that would not cost a fortune was our starting point.

If you would like the idea of having a completely unique blind then look no further.

We can tailor your blinds and show you lots of options. You Decide.


Our Bespoke range is very well priced.